• RealClick DSP
    RealClick DSP is the platform focus on efficiency
    and deliver the goal satisfied ads to the customers
    through the optimization system (DSP, SSP, DMP).
  • RealClick DSP
    RealClick is the ad network with many famous news media,
    web portals and different websites who ranked top.

RealClick DSP Platform

RealClick DSP Platform is a sophisticated targeting platform, analyzes the behavior pattern of users through an optimization
algorithm and exposes intuitive ads to target users for the purpose of ads.

User preferences/pattern analysisAudience-driven

The platform is based on users’ behavior pattern data to do the reaction.

The satisfied strategy of advertising purposeData-driven

The intelligent platform is used for completing the advertising goals through setting the satisfied strategy of advertising purpose.

Campaign optimization Strategy-driven

The mission platform is used for maximizing the periodical efficiency through analyzing the campaign data.

Freely setting strategy interface through the individual targeting based on the advertising purpose.

  • · Try to give users valuable ads through user preferences analysis/ advertising space analysis/clicked data analysis.
  • · Analyze keyword data and pair users to keep potential customer.
  • · All targeting techniques can be used on the PC and Mobile
  • · Advertisers can choose users through fractionizing campaign categories.
  • · Promptly reflects the purpose of the ads and modification of strategy to reply the change of the ads.
  • · Advertisers can choose the campaign type(CPM/CPI/CPC) to meet the purpose of the ads.
  • · Get the good ads effect on the advertisement of the lowest price 50 won.
  • · The price depends on the type of media and advertisers can do the effective management in the limited budget
  • · Seek the better ads effect through the targeting configuration of meeting advertiser's purpose.
  • · Through drawing up strategy and target, persistently do the comparison and analysis to measure the efficiency.

RealClick Optimization System

To find advertisement meeting the advertising purpose to make maximum efficiency through the way of RTB.


More than 20 industries, such as Internet shopping mall, medical, education, finance

RealClick DSP

According to users’ preference and interest to realize ad optimum benefits, and deliver the ad just for the target users of advertisers.


Based on the long-time operation big data to analyze the real-click DSP’s target users and deliver the ads.

RealClick SSP

For keeping the diversity of media partners, it will provide the best media according to the large number of inventories and ad goals.

RealClick USER

It is more intimate through the users’ age, gender, region.



  • - select the diverse sizes in the stable ad platform and deliver the ad in different media.



  • - deliver the different sizes ads in mobile and set different targeting according to the ads’ characters.

Various targeting techniques

Various targeting techniques

  • - When making the strategy, it could process the more ingenious targeting setting and react timely compared to current retargeting, local targeting, time targeting, object user targeting, device targeting, OS targeting.

RTB system

RTB system

  • - The unit price of CPC is at least 50 won. It is possible to manage ads efficiently according to budget.
  • - It could improve the delivery frequentness when used the RealClick index.

Banner setting

Banner setting

  • - It is possible to operate according to different specific sizes and It could set the individual landing page according to banner sizes.



  • - The textual ads are the campaign that use the insurance, loan, hospital, etc flexibly to realize collecting DC in content transmission.

Conversion report

Conversion report

  • - Provide the transition report according to targeting, banner sizes, analyze the efficiency and reset the ads strategies and goals according to conversion rate.

1:1 expert guidance

1:1 expert guidance

  • - Real DSP’s ad expert provides the relating strategy according to the ads.
  • - Provide banner production once in the beginning.
    (production time: 1-2 days Original file could be resized)

RealClick DSP targeting techniques

Providing high efficiency through various targeting techniques

Geo- targeting

It is possible to select the international or domestic area, it could target the advertisements which wanted by different city/country/district through analyzing the domestic users’ location IP.

Technic targeting

Through select the PC/Mobile to target, under the Mobile condition, it is possible to target according to OS, Web or APP.

Interest targeting

Deliver the advertisements to the advertisers cared users through analyzing the recently clicked advertisements and judging the users’ interest, age and gender.

keyword targeting

Match the key words which are searched by users’ portal and be wanted by advertisers in 1:1 proportion to deliver the advertisements.

Demographic targeting

Extract the key words of users browsed information, analyze the preference, age, gender and then deliver the advertisement.

Time targeting

Check the high-efficiency advertising time and display the advertisements when advertisers want.

Real targeting

When the users that browsed the site of advertisers visit the partners, the delivered advertisements could expand the efficiency.
*Holding time could be set from 30 days to 90 days.

Shopping targeting

According to the purchasing page where potential users finally selected, there are the main page, shopping basket, detail information and completing button. Apart from the original products, it also needs to sell the recommended products, best products the related products, so that improve the buy energy.

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