• RealClick SSP
    Deliver the best ad-experience media
    Including powerful blogs, networking sites and apps.
  • RealClick SSP
    Download and install RemonSDK,
    And maximize your revenue.
  • RealClick SSP
    RealClick SSP helps the publishers fully monetize
    their content through integrated solutions.
  • RealClick SSP
    With a single, intuitive interface you can manage and deliver
    all your web, mobile and app advertising.


Publishers make revenue by delivering the right ad to the right context with Real Sense’s Automatic Ad Matching system.

Campaign Setup & Management
Offers a wide variety of tools and features to setup and manage your inventories’ size, placement and campaign creative type.
Smart Matching System
Ad Matching Learning analyzes the ads and sends them appropriate inventories.
Identification of numerous types of fraud
Services automated fraud detection including click fraud, impression fraud and filters unusual IP addresses.

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