• RealClick DSP
    We, as the host, will spare no effort and enthusiasm in making
    the new era of DNASOFT through the various platforms.

RealClick Overview

We, as the host, will spare no effort and enthusiasm in making the new era of DNASOFT.


DNASOFT was established in 1999 and has grown along with the online advertising market in the past 18 years. In order to discover new values of the vagaries of advertising market, we constantly ask questions .

DNASOFT will propose the optimal strategy that can instantly move a number of affiliated companies and consumers, and provides a creative way with leading solutions. In addition, DNASOFT will constantly develop the new business areas for the future that people expect.

In order to enable all the internet users to enjoy the smart life style, we promise to creating and providing the high-quality services. DNASOFT, who devotes to developing the new business areas, is waiting for new challenge and chance to meet future.

DNASOFT will build the new skills and expertise based on the current achievement and the competitive background accumulated by long time. For realizing above, we promise all the staffs will try our best in respective positions.

  • 2016

    Launched RealClick SSP platform
    Launched RealClick DSP platform
    Developed user tracking big data platform
  • 2015

    Invested new building of Seongsu-dong
  • 2013

    Selected as 2013 jobseekers' dream company by MBN Innobiz Enterprises association
    Supplied NHN CHINA ad network platform
    Developed and Launched social dating service platforms (Remon Couple App)
  • 2012

    Technology Guarantee Fund (Central Technology Assessment Director) recognized (788 million won)
  • 2005

    The first one to develop Real-click ad network platform
    The first one to develop Real sense Microsoft ad platform
    Achieved RemoN Mobile Platforms KCC Certification
    Achieved Internet Marketing Advertising Awards of The 8th Korea South Korea Association (Awards Technical Services)
    Achieved Internet business broadcasting communication Chairpersons Award of the 6th Korea Internet destination
    Selected as Patent Star Enterprise by Seoul Business Agency
    An exclusive agreement on the goodwill of e-learning content of Jeong Cheol English Company
    Smart Wi-Fi Router service system is certified as Patent Star company by Korean Government
    Korea Invention Promotion Association (government authorized agencies) – Advertising technology patent valuation (₩3548 million) recognized
  • 2004

    Served as KT & G viral marketing system and promotions
  • 2001

    Served as Nike, Motorola, Coca-cola online advertising agencies
    Served as Borneo furniture, Nivea, LG Telecom, ABC Mart, P&G online advertising agencies
    Campaigned the promotions of Health and Social Affairs online
  • 2000

    Developed Internet advertising analytics server proto type
  • 1999

    DNASOFT Co., Ltd. foundation
    The first one to supply KT Korea Internet cafe management programs
    and ad server PC
    Supplied commercial Dacom internet PC network management program

Base Technolgy

DSP will provide the transparent and safe advertising services for most of publishers and advertisers through connecting the effective system

DSP, which is made for delivering high-efficiency ads to establish RTB and public Exchange model.

DSP functions

1. Exchange transactions integrated variety external models through a single system UI.
  • - Integration with DoubleClick, Rightmedia , etc. (in preparation)
  • - The platform can handle large amounts of Transaction.
2. RTB providing
  • - RTB works with Exchange and the API, based on the cleanup standards such as open RTB.
3. The various data and additional functions support the RTB
  • - Integrated data is for the purchase optimization. (Advertisers log data, Relevant secondary data)
  • - Additional functions of the ROI
    The various option setting for related bidding through the various information data like users’ highest impression to analyze the value of advertising impression.

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SSP is that publisher uses the standard platform to manage the ad network and advertisers comprehensively and keep the publishers’ maximum revenue.

SSP functions

1. Comprehensive management UI for the various advertising source
  • - SSP provides the management of the integrated statistics data.
  • - The various exchange and Ad networks make the transaction conveniently.
2. RTB providing
  • - RTB works with Exchange and the API, based on cleanup standards such as Open RTB.
3. Revenue optimization of publishers
  • - The management is aiming at achieving the highest profits through comparing the diverse revenue sources.
  • - SSP uses the RTB system to deliver the highest revenue ads, provides the optimum skill for maximizing the publishers’ revenue.

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DSP, SSP platforms combine and process the various and objective data for providing the suitable advertisements and keeping the inventories.

DMP functions

1. DMP platform provides data for each platforms.
  • - In order to find the best publishers for advertisers, DMP provides the diverse information about the inventories
  • - DMP provides the l time information of numerous ad network companies and advertisers to achieve maximum revenue.
2. Kind of information
  • - Source, pattern analysis, the purchase of identification, the cookie values, the IP address of 3rd party information provider, geographic location mapping values.
3. Real-time data providing
  • - For realizing the optimum objects of platforms’ publishers or advertisers, DMP platform provides the mass data in real time.

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Organizational Structure

DNASOFT is always on the way to researching and developing new techniques.


Patents and Certifications

DNASOFT is a sole proprietorship who depends on the unique technology to achieve many patents of internet ads and network service for developing constantly.

  • Web server for providing image and method of it


  • method and server for providing the ads based on the possibility of the user's purchase and participation


  • Method and device for providing
    contents through multi-touch


  • Method and device for providing
    online advertisement


  • Online advertising campaign type,
    server and computer program


  • Internet Ad billing system and method


  • Internet Ad service method and system


  • Internet Ad service system and method CTR Optimizing System


  • Internet Ad service method using Ad bank


  • Network service system and method using Smart router


  • Difference cost calculation system of advertisement by using image code and method